Flat Design

You know the old saying ‘less is more?’ That seems to be the mantra for the current trend in user interface design. We’re seeing less and less of the 3D object design and more flat design. Less clutter, less fuss and more openness are becoming the norm. And now the trend has been solidified with Apple’s recent iOS7 release.

Apple's 3D design compared to their new flat design
Apple’s 3D design compared to their new flat design

But with simplicity comes a great deal of consideration, without the bells and whistles (gradients, drop shadows etc) the focus is solely on the shapes and color choices of the design. With less text, the design needs to visually explain itself but with a minimal design approach. Have we become so familiar with digital user interfaces that the need to create 3D design to emulate real-world objects is a thing of the past? Or is this cleaner approach to design just another trend?

User Experience Top Priority?

This article from Fast Company caught my eye; it discusses extending User Experience from the Web across to channels of offline brands. As the writer puts it, “consumers who experience good UX online don’t switch off their expectations when they switch off the computer.”

With the Web, the focus is on the human-computer interaction, but what about the way customers interact with non-digital products? Isn’t usability a top priority for every product? As this article states and displays through the highlighted case studies, “the principles and theories of UX have created a new normal in terms of brand delivery and interaction.”

One of the greatest Gary Larson Far side comics.


For more on this topic read our post in November about Intuitive Design.

PDX-UX: Wireframing Delight

We took a holiday hiatus from our PDX-UX user group meetings but we’re coming back strong this month. January’s meeting will be devoted to UX wireframing tools.

In addition to the usual free beer and food, we are going to be giving away a license to OmniGraffle and to AxureRP! Many thanks go out to the Omni Group and to Axure for their generous donations.

Come join the 80 or so other attendees and share your experiences and knowledge around designing and developing next generation user interfaces and user experience. You could be one of the lucky winners!


Our presenters:

  • Damon Eckhoff will be presenting OmniGraffle
  • Josh Marinacci will be presenting Leonardo Sketch
  • Melissa Castburn will be presenting AxureRP

January 19th, 2012
Food, Beer & Networking 5:30-6:00pm
Presentations from 6:00-7:30pm or so

34 NW 1st Avenue, 3rd floor
Portland, OR 97209
(Corner of 1st and Couch, on the max tracks)

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